This song is dedicated to Varuneyi’s mother Ananteyi, who died on Earth during an underwater nuclear test, along with thousands of others. The message is about hitting one’s rock bottom “saturation point” multiple times, ending up at the darkest place in life, where no hope exists. At this place, an infinite energy potential can be discovered as well as the power to overcome any obstacle.

After barely escaping the attack by Vritra and his Dark Agents, the Infinite Android and Infinite Mermaid finally arrive at the Dreamland system in Andromeda. Amazed at the sights and sounds of Dreamland, they wrote a song to describe the wondrous imagery and sounds.

Passing through the Vortex into the Andromeda galaxy, the Infinite Android /IA/ is suddenly jarred into action as a violent blast tears thru their hull. Vritra enters and unleashes his power at IA. Nearly defeated, IA generates the Infinite Shield and fights off Vritra who retreats in extreme rage. Barely escaping, they continued on towards Aquatica.