THE INFINITE SEAS are an extraterrestrial electronic duo, the Infinite Android and Infinite Mermaid, from Aquatica, Andromeda. They’re currently based in Los Angeles.

After having lived on Earth for centuries, quietly present in the depths of Earth’s oceans, they journeyed home to Aquatica to learn their true origins.

Now they have returned to Earth to transmit their message through music, protect the Universal Oceans and all living beings.

THE INFINITE SEAS is the ongoing musical Sci-fi saga telling the story of Varuneyi, The Infinite Mermaid and her journey home to an aquatic planet deep in the Andromeda galaxy.

Influenced by a wide variety of styles including rock, electronic, shoegaze, dreampop, Indian traditional and dance. The music is futuristic yet organic.

IA / Infinite Android

Songwriter | Guitarist | Producer

Forged at the core of Andromeda, the Infinite Android was sent to Earth centuries ago by Varun to accompany his daughter, the Infinite Mermaid on her journey home, where he learns his true origins and objective.

Fearless and Indestructible, he is a cosmic guardian of all living beings. Witnessing countless worlds end and emerge through the eons, he has always protected the weak and vulnerable.

IM / Infinite Mermaid

Vocalist | Dancer | Multimedia Artist

Originally from Andromeda, she has been living on Earth for centuries.  After the death of her  mother, her father Varun – Lord of the Infinite Seas, instructs her to take the Infinite Spaceship to Aquatica.

Discovering her powers and connection to Infinite Android on the long journey home, she must fulfill her eternal potential.